Farm, hunt and build your own civilization on a tiny planet.
Habitat is a micro-scaled civilization simulator/puzzle game.

The game is designed for mobile and tablet.
You can get it on Google Play, link bellow : 

StatusOn hold
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(79 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Educational, Simulation, Survival
Made withConstruct
Tagsclimate, Farming, Minimalist, nature, planet, Singleplayer, Turn-based
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial

Also available on


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how long do you have to survive the fire for

how do you get more wheat seeds

Highscore of one 187 by farming ligthing strikes


Amazing game Tobias.  Colleagues and I have been looking for a game model we can use to help teach a global health audience.  We would love to talk to you about some options that can maybe be added or customizing a game for us.


Made it to year 119! Seems like the fires don't really start until you chop down a lot of trees without replanting? Love this game


some people today could use such advice :-)


Good game.


i just got a high score of 112!!


Great Game! We would love to bring it to Couchplay TV Games to :) Is it Construct 2 or 3 ?  

tou remember those omg

still an amazing game 


I have no idea how to play this. I'm giving up because there's no tutorial, shame.


There is one. The game will tell you what to do using text in the upper part of the screen.


Grats! Very nice game! :]

I love this game so much, my weird quarantine comfort game. I owe much of my 2020 peace of mind to this.


54Day So Ez


Very fun game, but uh... how do the fires work?


fire relies on a triad of heat, fuel, and oxygen


It's a numbers game.


I ended up living on hunting only with 15 people. nice game!


Fun game and very topical.  By the time I got through the quest mode I felt like I understood almost all of the mechanics, though I almost didn't survive the fires and I'm still not sure what decides reproduction. But figuring out the mechanics was fun and not too frustrating.


Have found something like a strategy to achieve quite a high scores (screenshot is about Normal map):

  1. Start the level when there are at least 2 ponds, and both of them are in one half of the screen
  2. Don't try to farm scores with a population size. It's tempting to puff it up to 25-40, but it means no ability to farm resources. For an instance, I kept it under 8 all the time
  3. Farm resources with a "basic strategy": 
    1. divide the map into 2 equally distributed pieces (diagonal line is perfect) by houses to keep pigs out of fields, having all the ponds in one side
    2. grow trees on the no-pond side and grow wheat on the pond side
    3. repeat until you will get ~99 score of wheat and 50+ of seeds & houses. More than 99 is impossible by game design
  4.  Max out pig score
    1. distribute houses with citizens uniformly across the map to cover the majority of territory with hunting
    2. bed out trees across all the map
    3. wait until pigs will cover all the map
    4. kill all the pigs in hunting zone
    5. cut down all the trees
  5. Max out harvest score
    1. skip until all the free cells are spare
    2. bed out all the "3" cells with wheat
    3. bed out all the "2" cells with wheat
  6. Max out lightning score
    1. lightnings are being summoned on the previous step of algorithm? so just skip, skip, skip
    2. at each turn build the house on the most remote from epicentr of fire and occupy it
    3. repeat until you will die

Other ideas to earn more:

  1. Try to max out people score by increasing the population to ~40 and immediately decreasing it by controlled starvation. After that come back to basic strategy. The risk that you can summon the lightnings without resources.
  2. Control the lightnings by massive trees growing. Cut the trees -> summon -> grow the trees -> chase away. Did it one time, but failed another time

Amazing! Makes me happy seeing someone really digging into the systems of the game. Thanks for playing! :) 

How does a lightning strike happen?


When the amount of people is above the amount of trees (stage 1, 2 and 3 of trees as multiplier) the temperature goes up and lightning strikes happen. Having more trees than people makes it go down.

Because I am in year 54 right now


i liked the game as a whole, but i dont understand the lightning. One strike, and then there was nothing i could do but put it off. It grows too fast, unless I dont understand the mechanics


What a charming survival horror.

By the first glance, this game reminded me Emoji Simulator by NCase, or Tiny Islands by David King. Indeed it has a lot of cellular automaton vibe.

On the complimentary side, I really enjoyed the minimalist aesthetics and economical with variables. Tiles evolve in mostly scripted manner which allows for quick understanding and intentionality.
It was also thrilling when the lightnings stroke and turned the gameplay upside down.

On the feedback side, I wish you followed the example of the latter and explained how some mechanics work, like which house will be occupied after reproduction, or how soil fertility will change based on surrounding tiles, or when will the wildfires start and which tiles will set on fire.

Overall, it's a pretty simple, very fun and addicting game.

Thanks for your thoughtful feedback.
I will take a look at those examples and see what I can learn. :)
And thanks for playing.

Thanks for your thoughtful feedback.
I will take a look at those examples and see what I can learn. :)
And thanks for playing


Beautiful visual, simple game play, but the mechanism is a little unclear, cause of a little confusion during the game

its ok

nice :)

really good

Neat game my dude
the soil quality/fallow mechanic was really neat - though I wasn't able to find out all the rules that governed it

Nice game!

score 40 on the first game


Hey, this was really fun and well polished! The tile's freshness number (or whatever you'd call it) offers a great bit of strategy. The only thing I didn't quite get was what decided whether or not the boar would die. It may have just been luck but either way I found the "Kill 5 pigs in one year" task impossible even when there was more than six of them on screen. The most I ever killed was two or three. I got a high score of 35. That might be a great score or a terrible one, I wouldn't know. What was your highest score while playtesting?

PS. This is probably the best 'first' game I've played on this site. Good job!


Yeah the hunting mechanic can be a bit tricky.
The idea is that pigs can only be shot when they are close to a inhabited house.
You can see a white square sight on the pig when you can shot it. 

Usually a we would get a score around 40+ in play-testing.
My own record is 76 at the moment. :)

Thanks for playing! 


I got a whopping 118 by dodging the lightning 64 times


Wow that's impressive. Good job. :) 

Thanks for playing!